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Health Tips for Babies: For First Time Parents

If it is your first time to be a parent, (, it might be difficult for you when to be overprotective or just be a slight one, or when you have to call for some medical assistance for your baby. In some cases, you have to contact or need the help of the experts, yet in most instances you can treat such minor problem yourself. Check the following tips on how to treat minor issues about your baby,

Caring the Umbilical Cord of the Newborns

You have to take good care of the umbilical cord of your baby and keep it  dry and clean and make sure it is being prevented from any infections. You can dab on such area, it can be once or twice a day with the use of cotton swab or some alcohol. Then, the baby’s diaper must always be below the umbilical cord, so that it will not get rubbed or wet by the urine of the baby. Contact your baby’s health provider right away if you observe some bleeding, and also some smelly pus.

Treating or Preventing Diaper Rashbaby1

You can possibly prevent the diaper rash of your baby when you will frequently wash the bottom with warm water and soap, between the changes, webhost email. You can also put some zinc oxide wit in the  affected area if the irritation occurs. You can also let the baby be uncovered  for some time each day, so that the bottom can feel and enjoy some fresh air. Just always place a towel underneath to be able to catch the baby in case of accidents.

Treating Colic

Colic can one of the issues that can frustrate parents. This kind of pain can be caused by the wind, which will be soothed only when it passes. You can some ways to calm the pain, like holding the stomach of the baby down across your lap, and then rub the baby’s back. Or, you can add some gentle rocking motion. If ever, the colic is frequent, you can swap the diet of your baby.